Ethiopian Gaming Festival

Gamejam Topics

Abay (Nile)

Winner will join teams from Sudan and Egypt to make a game about the great Abay

African Patterns

The winner gets to compete with 15 teams African teams on the EnterAfrican gamejam.

"In a nutshell: This month-long festival will be about celebrating playfulness, our game culture and promote the Ethiopian gaming ecosystem in order to establish a stronger, synergized gaming scene."
Ethiopian Games Association

List of our Jammers

So we want you to take part in whichever way you wish to.


  • Betselot
  • Abemelek
  • Mohsin Habib Osman
  • Robel Getnet
  • Kiya girma
  • Freadam
  • Moan Bekele
  • Kidus Asmare

Let there be games

Chewatacon 2020