The Ethiopian Gaming Festival, CHEWATACON is here for the third time #Chewatacon2022.

Chewatacon is the first-ever festival of its kind that aims to celebrate the Ethiopian gaming culture and explores dimensions of games and play in the local context and beyond.

Why Chewatacon?

Ecosystem Meetup

Bringing together stakeholders from Ethiopia, Africa and beyond working on the gaming ecosystem/industry and the thematic area.

Awards and Recognitions

Recognizing achievements on the fields of Game Thinking, Games, Gamers for Impact, Playful Experiences and more in the award year.

Science and Art of Engagment

Deconstructing the components of play, games, engagement, joy and proactive living through a series of workshops and talks for the public.

Games meet Tvet

Exploring the potentials of games in other industries (this year focus will be in Vocation, Enterprises, TVETs and Employment)

"In a nutshell: This month-long festival will be about celebrating playfulness, our game culture and promote the Ethiopian gaming ecosystem in order to establish a stronger, synergized gaming scene."
Ethiopian Games Association

"You are the Community."

So we want you to take part in it, in whichever way you wish to.


Register for The Festival Game Jam


Register as Volunteer and take part proactively


Register as a Gamer for the Tournaments


Take Part in the Award Nomination and Voting.


Register to take part in the Panel Discussions and Talks.


Register for one of the many Workshops to be run.

Let there be games

Chewatacon 2022